Divorce can be financially and emotionally draining.  Mediation offers a couple the option to come to a resolution THEY are in control of and agreeable to.  Let me help you come to decisions that meets both your needs without getting into an adversarial position.

Family Law

Child Support

If child support is something you need to discuss, I can give you the tools to determine if it is appropriate.  We can go over the criteria that determines the amount and duration, if any,

Custody/Parent Visitation

Decisions involving your children are the most important of all.  Who will they reside with? How often will the children see each parent?  Holidays, birthday, vacations are just some of the discussions we will have keeping in mind what is in the absolute best interest of your family.

Spousal Support

There are four types of alimony that the Courts consider.  Alimony is based on several factors that are considered to determine if one party is entitled.  Does alimony need to be paid? If so, how much and for how long?

Property Distribution

The assets acquired during a marriage need to be divided.  Who receives the furniture, real estate, items of personalty, pensions, automobiles? 

Medical Insurance

 Medical insurance is an extremely important issue to discuss.  Who carries medical insurance for the children?  Is this a joint responsibility?  What about co-pays and deductibles?

Life Insurance

Is life insurance necessary? Is it a requirement for both parties?  Who shall be named as beneficiaries? 

College Education

Is it the responsibility of the parties to contribute towards college expenses?  What is the proportionate share from each parent if at all?  Is the child partly responsible? 

Tax Exemptions

Who claims the children as exemptions for Federal and State Tax purposes?  

Sessions are $150.00 per session and each session runs for 1 hour

The average time-frame for mediation is between 6 to 8 sessions

At mediation you can expect complete confidentiality, respect, compassion and professional guidance.